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  • 40 Great Moments In Invisibility

    While the invisible sandwich and the invisible bike are classics, I’m sure you’ll learn to love the invisible harmonica, the invisible skis, and my personal favorite, the invisible sweet-ass blues guitar solo. Enjoy the following 40 great moments in invisibility.

  • 10 Great Beer Bong Fails

    Last weekend I woke up with a picture on my camera of a girl pouring a beer bong on my buddy’s head while she was holding it for him. I thought it was funny until it gave me the idea to google “beer bong fail” and I found this great pic of a dude pouring […]

  • 30 Pictures Of Bird Attacks

    What could be better than a bunch of pictures of little kids getting shit on by birds? That question is actually a little misleading in that there is also a picture of a guy getting attacked by a huge turkey. Complete gallery after the jump…

  • 25 x Cats x Boxes

    Cats like boxes, we like cats, here are 25 pictures of cats in boxes for absolutely no reason besides making you less productive at work. Full gallery after the jump.

  • 80 Celebrity Polaroids

    When it comes to paparazzi, there is really nothing redeeming about what they do. They stake out, they hassle, they stalk, they annoy, and they make a living off of the successes and the celebrity status of others (at least we do all our celebashing from the confines of the office). And sure, some celebrities […]

  • 30 Pictures Of Dogs In Costumes

    In November, costume gallery articles are annoying because every blog that gets 30 pageviews per month or more throws one up — yes, even you Gizmodo. But it’s March, and I’m finally getting around to writing about Halloween, and it’s the one time my procrastination kinda works. So here you go internets — 30 pictures […]

  • Top 10 Sexually Charged Vanity Plates

    While there are already numerous top 10 vanity plate lists floating through the intertubez, I’ve yet to see one that deals specifically in plates designed to scare women away (also works to lure Kirstie Alley, especially coupled with Papa John’s delivery sign affixed to roof of car). Several of these have been floating around the […]

  • 10 Pricey Taxi Cabs

    I was just in Las Vegas over Super Bowl 44 weekend and I took a cab to the Wynn that smelled like the passenger before me had received a $2 rimjob from a carton of cigarettes, lubing the job with a liter of Brut cologne purchased from the local 7-11. If I were riding in […]