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  • 5 Moments In Diddy Being Diddy

    There’s something strangely satisfying about watching someone who takes himself so seriously step in a steamy pile of dogshit. And because P Diddy has done this and more, he has earned himself his own top 5 list.

  • 40 Excellent Receipts

    Can I get two orders of Huge Cock with a side of Breast Cancer, and hold the STD Pillow please… Lemme grab one of those Anus Burgers as well. You’ll Also Like: Vaseline, Not Just For Fapping Anymore [Banned] 20 Hottest Tennis Players [Top Cultured] Five Entertaining Hulk Hogan Commercials [Unreality] 15 Great Movies That […]

  • Top 5 Mascot Fails

    Mascots are to sporting events what the Hays Code was to the film industry, in that they both aim to keep the entertainment pg. But with the advent of nearly naked cheerleaders garnishing he sidelines of most major sporting events (still waiting patiently for the Dodger Dogs), mascots tend to feel under-appreciated, and frequently they […]

  • You’re Doing It Wrong: 35 Horrible Tans

    I have no idea how the sunless tanning thing took shape but you would think that after seeing their pictures all over humor blogs, these people would stop spray painting themselves. James Weldon Johnson wrote a book called The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man; a fictional account of the life of a biracial man who […]

  • 45 Great Roller Coaster Faces

    It’s one thing to kiss your buddy or to pretend like you’re getting the first ever coaster-dome-job just as the camera flashes on Goliath, but playing a carefully calculated (yea, glued for all you negative unimaginative pricks out there) game of Jenga while taking a 300-foot nose dive is taking it to another level. Here […]

  • Top 10 Ice Hockey Fails

    I’m not a very loyal NHL fan, but I’ll be honest, if there were more moments like the following 10, and if players used their sticks during fights, I’d make more of an attempt to squeeze a Kings game in between the Dodgers and the Lakers.

  • 43 Epic Bikes 12

    25 Epic Bikes

    It’s not everyday that you see a guy riding around on a camel… on a bike. But if you do, it most definitely belongs on this list. Here are 25 epic bikes.

  • 15 Animals On Computers

    If you’re one of the infamous Chatroulette dickflashers, would it be weird for you if you went to shake your dick around at your webcam and a beagle was watching you? It’s kind of like when you get out of the shower and your cat or dog is sitting in your room and you don’t […]

  • 30 Adorable Baby Pandas

    There’s really nothing more adorable than baby panda bears, only problem is that there aren’t very many of them because adult pandas are too lazy to have sex. If you aren’t aware, in an attempt to encourage pandas to procreate, zookeepers have developed panda porn and even tried teaching adult pandas “Panda Sutra“. Here are […]