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  • Asleep On The Job

    I understand the allure of the home office — you get to make your own hours, wake up when you see fit, save money by eating in, take the day off and hit the golf course, and of course, take naps when and wherever you see fit.

  • Now Accepting Visa And Mastercard, Sorry AmEx

    Take out your notepads. First rule of sleeping with a hooker in Guam is never pay for said hooker with the wife’s credit card, that is of course unless this simply confuses her and her natural reaction is to post about it on facebook — then you’re probably in the clear.

  • Colonel Kurtz Meet Pauly Shore

    To Steve’s credit, simply getting through and entire Pauly Shore movie is an accomplishment. There’s probably an equation that someone other that me could come up with that proportionally relates the punch myself in the face factor versus time for each movie, and naturally, In The Army Now could take on the multi-disc Lord of […]

  • Brazil You So Crazy: Google Street View Edition

    I used to use Google Street View to check routes in unfamiliar areas of Los Angeles but I was never inventive enough to search out comfortable bushes and cozy gutters off Las palmas to spend the evening in after a night out at Teddy’s — that is of course, until now.

  • What Recession?

    What they failed to mention is that the current format is wicker basket. I’m tempted to respond to this, like I’m sure most of you are, but it would probably be quicker just to call my mother.

  • Oh No

    Make sure you read this from bottom to top and if it’s hard on the eyes, click on the image to enlargify… and then remember not to be a moron, especially when you’re using someone else’s computer, and especially when that someone else is the public school you work for.

  • Gabby Just Got Braces

    What did she think was going to happen? The only guy that might be into that sort of thing is this guy, and given his friendly disposition and chiseled features, he’s probably already spoken for.