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  • Face paint, muscles, stupidity

    Despite having grown up in the late 80’s I never managed to jump onto the professional wrestling train. I vividly recall playing with the plush wrestling buddy dolls and beating the crap out of them but somehow never sat down to watch a match. Of the “old school” wrestlers, Hulk Hogan is about the only […]

  • Kelly Brook hot bikini on beach in Barbados

    Some dude hiding in the bushes was able to snap a few pictures of Kelly Brook frolicking on a Barbados beach in a bikini. Being a paparazzi seems similar to being a predator photographer for National Geographic. You fly all over the world snapping photos of subjects from the cover of trees and bushes… It’s […]

  • Ever heard of Heidi Cortez, no? You’ll remember her now…

    Heidi Cortez grew up in San Bernardino, California (figures) and ever since she was twelve, she knew she wanted to be a model. When elementary school kids came dressed to school in the outfits worn at the jobs they one day wished to have, most kids came dressed as firefighters, cops, and doctors, but Heidi […]

  • Anna Faris lookin sexy leads the links

    » kim kardashian is showing off her many curves in the new ‘complex’ magazine popoholic » what did britney spears do in the bathroom with one of her tour dancers? hollyscoop » spot the flaw gallery! first up: paris hilton! yikes – what’s that on her lip? the superficial » is rihanna already moving on […]

  • Leryn Franco: Sexiest Olympian Ever? Maybe. Sexiest Paraguayan Olympian? Definitely.

    Leryn Franco competed for Paraguay at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, tossing her javelin 15 meters shy of her personal record to finish 51st overall. Thoroughly embarrassed, but sexy nonetheless, Leryn Franco flew home to Paraguay and shot a gold medal winning swimsuit calendar. In 2009 her luck failed again–Leryn Franco placed 86th in AskMen’s Top […]

  • Didn’t Tom Cruise do something similar on Oprah?

    This idiot claims to be psychic, but when the talk show host questions him about his powers, he freaks, rips off his microphone, and rolls around on the hardwood floor. I know this guy isn’t nuts–he’s just acting like an idiot to pull in some quick cash from the idiots who call in. Tom Cruise […]

  • Carmen Electra caliente in March 2009 Maxim Magazine Mexico

    You don’t need to know how to speak Spanish to see just how sexy Carmen Electra looks in the March 2009 Spanish language edition of Maxim’s popular men’s magazine (plus no one reads the words anyway). She was quoted in English (c’mon, she doesn’t know how to speak more than one language, you crazy?) when […]

  • This is how every boxing match should work

    As far as I’m concerned, UFC has pretty much made traditional boxing obsolete. Why should I watch two fighters square off behind puffy gloves when I can watch two barely padded UFC fighters repeatedly knee and kick each other in the head? Boxing needs to come up with a new gimmick, and I think Tyson […]

  • Gina Lynn & Savanna Sampson at Howard Stern’s bowling beauties bikini babes bowling tournament

    What else would you expect from Howard Stern in the middle of America’s second great depression, financial advice? Try again. Or just click on the thumbnails below for a bunch of sleezy b’s like Gina Lynn and Savanna Sampson bowling in bikinis–it’s sort of like watching The Big Lebowski and your favorite porno film at […]

  • Erin Andrews at 2009 NCAA Play-In Game

    The NCAA play-in game is the opening game of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament featuring the 64th and 65th seeded teams. The winner of the game continues on in the tournament, facing one of the top seeds in the first round. The play-in game of the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was played on Tuesday […]

  • Why does this exist?

    8 Coaches Who Are Also Douche Bags (Holy Taco) Electro Man Summons Star Wars Music (Double Viking) Jenna Jameson Is Officially A Baby Momma (Busted Coverage) Jennifer Lopez Delivers THE Sports Quote Of 2009 (Extra Mustard) 15 Amazing Tattoos Of Celebrities (Uncoached) A Photo Gallery Of Drunk St. Patty’s Day Girl Debauchery (COED Magazine) Kid […]