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  • 6 Pre-Video Game Rampages

    [digg-me]In the world of Jack Thompson and Fox News, violence would cease to exist if it weren’t for those pesky video games. There’s just one wee little problem. None of these killers were alive during the age of video games, unless you count Pong. And last time I checked, losing a game of Pong won’t […]

  • CMYK Vs. RGB

    [digg-me]I don’t know much about color and printing, nor do I understand much about when to use CMYK versus RGB colors – so when I needed to send something to my printer to be enlarged (I wanted it to be huge so that it would match the junk in my pants), I had to make […]

  • Top 10 Rejected Expansion Team Names

    [digg-me]With the Supersonics’ recent departure from Seattle, the Oklahoma City team must choose a new name. Since there are no lakes in Los Angeles and a severe lack of jazz in Utah, we here at Banned In Hollywood created the top ten rejected and geographically appropriate franchise names. 10. New Orleans Looters “Free” Heinekens for […]

  • Top 30 Worst Drivers

    [digg-reddit-me]Most of the time these compilation videos are titled something like, “Worst Woman Drivers.” But come on, a couple of the pictures show overturned big rigs, even a crane – you think anyone would let a woman behind the wheel of something that big? I think not… Though maybe they should if it is true […]

  • Why You Don’t Get High And Write An Essay

    [digg-me]This is in some way, sort of like the cop who called 911 because he thought he was dying from eating bud brownies. The cop lost his job, and as you’d expect, the kid who wrote this brilliant paper lost enrollment in school, as well as his mind and any Jewish friends he had. I […]

  • Japanese Trains Make Me Love LA Traffic

    [digg-me]Living in Los Angeles, traffic can easily turn a 15 minute drive into a 2 hour hell trip. But after watching these Japanese Sardines pack themselves (with the help of jappackers) on trains makes me feel much better about my three hour, fifteen mile drive…

  • New Study: Abs By Crunching Numbers, Not From Crunches

    [digg-me]First it was the ab lounge, which promised a toned mid section and washboard abs while you “lounge” and watch tv. But why settle for a lounge when you can have a chair that’s like a vacation in Hawaii??? Yes, thats right! Perfect abs are not developed by doing crunches, they’re formed from crunching numbers, […]

  • Our Tax Dollars At Work

    [digg-me]The difference between Police and Patrol is that the latter cannot arrest people, and rarely carry guns. And apparently same goes for Border Patrol, who as you’ll see, fail to arrest people. Maybe we need to change their name to Border Police for them to get the job done…