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  • Top 8 Racist Things I Found On The Web 11

    Top 8 Racist Things I Found On The Web

    Here at Banned In Hollywood, we like to think of ourselves as incorrectly politically correct. We think it’s important to highlight race issues to render them less taboo. Though our efforts usually fail, please remember that we are not in any way racist – the below 8 instances in racism, whether intentional or not, are […]

  • Top 5 Cars That Aren’t Really Cars At All

    Sure there are tons of pictures floating around the internet that fit nicely under this title, but to be honest, I just don’t feel like compiling fifty images, writing about all of them, and having five people read while the other fifty thousand just look at the pictures. But don’t get me wrong, I usually […]

  • 15 Moments In What The Fu©k!

    While perusing through the internet, I come across tons of pictures that force me to say “What The Fu©k” (Yes, I even say “fu – Copyright – k”). Eventually I compile too many and find it necessary to share what I work so hard to avoid in my daily life with you, my loyal reader. […]

  • Politi-cans Are Like Condoms…

    I don’t understand why she (that is a girl right?) didn’t do the consistent thing and stick to just one case: upper or lower. Also, that last “W” needs some work, Politcans could use an “I”, and finally that your, well, come on. I’ve seen bums at the onramp of Wilshire Blvd with signs more […]

  • Bird Steals Kids Pet

    Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t post two videos on the same day, but this, being one of my favorite videos, forced me to. I used to pitch in little league when I was growing up and for whatever reason, I loved the sound of a fastball hitting the square of an unsuspecting twelve year old’s […]

  • Sometimes Urgency Outweighs Discretion [Semi NSFW]

    Today I was at a coffee shop in Westwood Village which, if you don’t know, is at and around UCLA. And if you’re like me, then you like your coffee like you don’t like your women – black. Which is fine, it’s a personal preference just like being gay is. That said, I avoided the […]

  • Top 6 Strange Before Christ Deaths (and one that isn’t)

    6. Arius’ Ass Gas Catastrophe 336 BC: Arius, was a notorious heretical priest who precipitated the Council of Nicea. It is rumored that Arius passed wind and consequently the thunder dumpling evacuated his internal organs, resulting in his untimely and pungent death. Church Father and Heresiologist Epiphanius of Salamis describes him, “tall and lean, of […]