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  • Russian Science

    Russian Science

    It’s no wonder that the Russians beat us into space — they even gave this little guy a going away party. However I doubt there was a “successful return” party being that these Russian scientists […]

  • Lindsay Lohan Has A Cocktail

    Lindsay Lohan Has A Cocktail

    I realize now that titling this photo Lindsay Lohan has a cocktail isn’t going to turn any heads. I probably should have written something like, Lindsay Lohan is a Red Headed Slut with Coke.

  • Angry Birds For Blackberry

    Angry Birds For Blackberry

    Congratulations! You have just unlocked Yellow Dorito Bird. To use Yellow Dorito Bird, type “Launch Yellow Dorito Bird” and then try to type “Yellow Dorito Bird Boost” before I say “You Missed”. Copy/Paste usage suggested.

  • Dr. Science Trolls A Soon To Be Troll

    Dr. Science Trolls A Soon To Be Troll

    Never ask Dr. Science about the legalities of music piracy. He offered to swing by my pad to help me out and instead rolled up with six feds. Fucking guy. Thankfully I was just downloading […]

  • Trolling The Girlfriend

    Trolling The Girlfriend

    Not only did you just completely troll the shit out of your soon to be ex-girlfriend, you stuck it to her with the generic “what should I get my cousin?” Best Buy gift card.

  • Prop 8 Terrorism

    Prop 8 Terrorism

    And you thought they were bad when they were doing trivial things like bombing the US and enriching uranium to nuke South Korea.

  • Dear Mr. Haberny… Sincerely, Cash4Gold

    Dear Mr. Haberny… Sincerely, Cash4Gold

    I can’t understand why Cash4Gold is being so mean to Mr. Haberny — nothing rings this gold is authentic like a soul searching pilgrimage in Tibet with a quadriplegic hooker you picked up in Singapore.

  • Great Watch or Greatest Watch Ever?

    Great Watch or Greatest Watch Ever?

    You can try to impress the ladies with your Breitling, your Patek Philippe, your Jacob & Co, or if you don’t have much taste but want people to know you have either money or a […]

  • A B A B X X Y Y

    A B A B X X Y Y

    They always say that video games are much more difficult in real life, but I don’t know, this shit looks pretty easy.

  • Wrod Srcambel

    Wrod Srcambel

    I have a friend who isn’t so bright and while we were in London three years ago he kept referring to this black British guy as African-American, and for whatever reason, this makes me think […]

  • Haters Gonna Hate: The Definitive Gallery

    Certainly more Haters Gonna Hate meme pictures than you’ll ever need. Know Your Meme adds, “Haters Gonna Hate is a popular catchphrase used to indicate one’s complete disregard for an individual or a group’s hostile […]

  • Christina Is On Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…

    Christina Is On Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…

    Christina is on Facebook, Twitter and heroin, but she’s also on Blogger, and her blog just contracted the Herpes simplex virus-2 last weekend after being front paged on Digg v4 despite using Spam Guard software.

  • Neighborly Communication

    Neighborly Communication

    I think the important question we need to ask here is why is your mom visiting you every day? Props to the modifier though. I have a feeling this is the first and last time […]