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Brook Hogan Gorges to Make Weight for MMA Fight

“Thin and Intellectual Brook” as father Hulk Hogan affectionately called his daughter while oiling her petite body down at a Las Vegas swimming pool a few months back was spotted shoveling cheeseburgers with extra mayo down her large face at the Kimbo Slice/Other Guy fight during Saturday’s Elite XC disappointer.

Though the 37 patties that Thin and Intellectual Brook consumed during the 14 second match seems like a lot, the six-foot, five-inch 267-pound ball of thunder thinks differently.

When questioned by Elite XC correspondent Christopher Crosby about her feeding trends, Thin and Intellectual Brook responded in a pitch similar to Crosby’s:

“Thirty-seven patties is normal [nom, nom, nom], I need to make weight, stupid.”

The “weight” she mentions, of course referring to her upcoming MMA Heavyweight bout with Tank Abbot, is set at 280 lbs.

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