Bill Murray hits woman in head with golf ball at Outback Pro-Am

feb6_murray1_600x431After safely getting through 8 holes, Bill Murray hooked a drive into the side of spectator Gayle DiMaggio’s head on No. 9 hole at TPC Tampa Bay during first round play of the Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am on Friday.

“I wasn’t sure I was in-bounds or not,” Murray said. “And I saw this NBC golf cart coming at me and he said, ‘I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you hit a lady. She’s down on the ground.’ That is, you know, sobering.”

Murray’s caddy carted him over to the woman who was being treated by paramedics.

“She was overjoyed when she saw me, because she said she had come out to see me and her husband had just said, ‘I hope he hits it over here,’ ” Murray said.


He did not finish his Friday round, choosing instead to lie down next to the injured DiMaggio and keep her company until she was sent to a local hospital.

Murray confirms, “she’s alright. She’s got a hole in her head, in fact, a little indentation of a number three and the word Titleist,” Murray joked.

“She got whacked in the head and there were doctors there and a dental hygienist because she got a bunch of her teeth knocked out. And they took her to the hospital, and she’s going to take this opportunity to have cosmetic surgery done, get her eyes and ears pinned back and some electro-shock therapy. So it’s a happy story, really.”

Though tempted by electro-shock therapy, DiMaggio opted for a signed copy of Caddyshack.

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