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Beatrice Chirita: Banned’s Great Gallery

You’ve probably never heard of Beatrice Chirita, but then again you probably haven’t heard of most Romanians aside from maybe the Romanian Trifecta: breast reduction tennis star Simona Halep, Iuliu Maniu, creator of the world renowned Romanian National Peasants’ Party or John De Lorean, US car industry executive, engineer, inventor of Pontiac GTO Muscle and of course the Back to the Futuremobile Delorean DMC-12.

Sadly, we still know very little about Beatrice Chirita except that she’s a model and that you can find a few pictures of her on the internet.

Age: Young Enough | Location: Romania | Ht: 5’8″ | Wt: About Right |Measurements: Sufficient

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And now for the important stuff (there are a bunch of dupes in here but you’ll manage).

Beatrice Chirita: Banned's Great Gallery 1

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