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The most productive bust scariest referee [Machochip]
Wie use to be a good golfer, some hot golfers [Brahsome]
The true conversations the TSA’s have [Tasty Booze]
The Jerky Boys are straight up geniuses [uncoached]
Behind the scenes Keeley Hazell’s photo shoot [on 205th]
Mila’s couldn’t hang out anymore without them being exposed completely [Celebslam]
If you have a can then you should be able to make this stove [Bright Black Internet]
For all of the sweet tea-vodka drinkers [Next Round]

The Celebosphere:
One of the super hotties from ANTM (Click here)
Kim Kardashian and her huge booty in tight spandex (Click here)
Daisy Lowe in a leopard leotard… oh my! (Click here)
Mischa Barton lets a nipple slip (Click here)
Maria Sharapova and her lovely long legs (Click here)
Brad Pitt gives the best performance of his career (Click here)

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