Banksy x Los Angeles

British street artist Banksy is in Los Angeles just in time to create hype around his Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

While in Los Angeles, there have been several reports of fresh paint showing up in places like PCH, Westwood Village and most notably with a piece appropriately called “Livin’ the Dream” on a billboard over an intersection near Sunset and Laurel Canyon. Good reports,

“Livin’ the Dream” was quickly dismantled from its perch by the billboard management company CBS Outdoor, but not by request of the advertiser and Vegas restaurant operator The Light Group. The company reportedly found Banksy’s appropriation of their sign “flattering” and managed to get their hands on the dismantled work. They hope to restore it to its full glory in an even more appropriate home: the Las Vegas Strip.

Expect more pieces to appear in the next few days and hopefully they will not be vandalized/stolen like others have been so far.

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