AXE’s Cleanest Dirty Photo Caption Contest

Axe Clean Your Balls Campaign

Okay people, are you ready for more? AXE isn’t quite done with the “Clean Your Balls” Campaign, so don’t get comfortable yet. This time we’re asking you to put your dirty minds to use in a visual way. Every day, for 5 days, AXE is going to link to a new suggestive picture, and it’s your job to add a nice, significant caption to it (remember, not too dirty, AXE has an image of cleanliness to uphold). The pictures will appear on different blogs every day. Check out the photos from the past 2 days and some of the tweets over at The Campus Socialite. All you need to do in order to win is follow @AXE and reply with the hashtag #AXEPIX, and win an AXE Holiday Gift Pack!

And without further ado, here’s your first picture. Oh and don’t worry we’ve already prepared you to tweet

Just Click AXE’s Dirty Photo and We’ll Send You Right to Twitter

Just to help get you started, here’s Brotha Jonze with Banned’s very own caption:

And check out another great video from AXE’s “Clean Your Balls” Campaign after the jump.


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