AskMen’s 2010 Great Male Survey

Los Angeles, Calif. (July 20, 2010) – AskMen and recently partnered to ask the age-old questions: Is chivalry dead? And are men really from Mars and women from Venus?  As experts in their respective areas, both sites set out to discover the true differences between both genders through AskMen’s third annual The Great Male Survey and for the first time this year, The Great Female survey from The survey of more than 100,000 respondents was aimed at uncovering how men and women differ when it comes to dating, sex, lifestyle, and world issues.

Highlights from this year’s Great Male and Great Female surveys include:

  • Men and women have different perceptions about romance…
  • Nearly 40 percent of women report that their boyfriends or husbands are “not very often”  or “never” romantic, yet 75 percent of men claim that they are romantic consistently.
  • More than two times as many men than women would cheat on their partner if they could get away with it.
  • Nearly half of men say they’d dump their partner if they became fat. However, only 1 in 5
  • women would break up with a boyfriend or husband who gained a lot of weight.

Other finds –

  • 1 in 5 men and women indicated that they would track their partner’s movements via a GPS implant if they could.
  • One out of three men would completely respect their partner’s privacy online, whereas only 1 in 5 women would do the same.
  • 45 percent of women don’t want their partner friending his exes on Facebook, compared with 25 percent of men who feel that it’s okay, though only if he’s met her ex before.
  • Seventy-five percent of women say they peek at their ex’s profile occasionally, while 15 percent of women admit that they do it constantly.

Today’s modern man still has a traditional edge:

  • More than 85 percent of men still believe in the institution of marriage, with 1 out of 3 men stating that they will not pursue a relationship unless they feel that the woman has wife potential.
  • Men ranked “having a family” over a “high-profile career” as the number one status symbol for men.
  • Chivalry not dead? Four out of five men believe that they should pay for all dates for the duration of the relationship or at least until it’s established, whereas less than 25 percent of women say that their partner should always pick up the bill.

“At AskMen, we have come to rely on the annual Great Male Survey for the unique perspective it affords into what modern men value and how they think of themselves. By partnering with, it also provided us an opportunity to better understand the female perspective as it relates to our readers,” comments James Bassil, Editor-in-Chief of AskMen. “This year’s results are especially compelling as they illustrate the definition of modern-day masculinity and how certain male and female views are shifting apart in 2010.”

A less-traditional female perspective:

  • More than half of women surveyed say that they don’t feel at all pressured (by family, society, friends, etc.) to get married.
  • Only 25 percent of women are completely satisfied with their sex life.  Nearly 30 percent are totally unsatisfied, with 8 percent saying they want more sex.  Another 45 percent are somewhat satisfied but feel that there is room for improvement.
  • Eighty-five percent of women are comfortable being in a relationship with a man who has a lower income than they do.

“There always have been differences between women and men, but thanks to changing dynamics and technology, relationships are more complicated than ever,” says Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Kate White. “We were thrilled to work with AskMen on this survey to provide our readers with more understanding about the male mind.  It’s our goal to help readers have fun and satisfying relationships with the opposite sex, and what better way to do that than to do an in-depth investigation of what makes men tick?”

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