‘Angry old man’ shoots five at Senegalese rap concert

This story makes less sense than Tom Cruise marrying a woman. According to abc news:

“A Senegalese man in his 70s opened fire on a rap group, injuring four of them, during a live show because he thought they were making fun of him in their song titled “Angry Old Man,” reports said.

The band members and a fifth injured person, a female fan attending the concert, were taken to hospital to be treated, according to widespread reports in the Senegalese media.

The shooting spree occurred near Matam in northern Senegal during a song entitled Vieux Colereux (Angry Old Man), the reports said.

Rap is very popular in Senegal, especially among young people.”

A shooting at a rap concert–no big deal. An old man at a rap concert that shoots the band not because he’s got a personal vendetta against rap music, but because he takes personal offense to one of the songs he paid money to hear performed–raises eyebrows.

The paradox is that the old man took offense to something he could have detached himself from by not shooting everyone. If Tom Cruise were at a rap show and the group began a song called ‘pedophile white boy’ no one would have connected Tom with the song. But if when the track began Tom reached down and pet’ five little boys as if he were a member of the Catholic Church and not the Church of Scientology, eyebrows would raise.

The old man controlled his own fate. Just don’t shoot anyone next time and you’ll prove, if only to yourself, that you’re not the ‘angry old man’ the song references. Simple as that.

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