And The Wingman Of The Year Award Goes To…

It’s not that I’m not a fan of taking pictures with mammals who, whether intentionally or not, fall asleep while standing up while feeding on your face like it’s an 18-pack of Cinnabons, I just don’t think guys should ever take self-shots — it’s a little effeminate… which on second thought might not be such a bad thing given the context.

To be fair, I have to compliment this young lass on refraining from the duckface — it’s too easy. This on the other hand is unique. It’s rare that you catch a girl in the club aimlessly adrift, floating about the room eyes shut doing the beluga whale.

Is it strange this photo reminds me of my VHS copy of Free Willy.

There Are No Leads

Ever Wonder What Life Is Like In Wyoming? 3

Ever Wonder What Life Is Like In Wyoming?