AMPM’s Secret Menu Pleases With Heart-Stopping Deliciousness

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of ampm. All opinions are 100% mine.

The other day we were informed of a new promotion ampm is offering called the Secret Menu. What is it you ask? The ampm secret menu is an artery clogging Eden of deliciousness wherein you are the creator of the most heart attackingly scrumptious meal concoctions.

Are you a burger fan? Why not throw a hotdog on your burger, replace the buns with two glazed donuts and dip the entire thing in a bay of steaming, all natural orange nacho cheese? This I like to call the “Death Before DishohmygodI’mhavingaheartattack!” And it kills me to say it, but it’s delicious every time.

The good people at ampm gave us the opportunity to peruse the isles of deliciousness that are ampm and come up with our own artery-popping concoction, which we like to call, Banned’s Flamin’ Hot Chili Rods.

What are these Chili Rods you’re likely wondering, and how do I make such a snack?

The meal is simple. Start with a bag of Flaming Cheetos and lay them out on a dish. Next, smother every inch of Cheeto in ampm‘s homemade chili. After that, lightly drizzle roughly one pound of smoldering, neon orange nacho cheese across the entire dish and you are good to go… straight to the emergency room.

To make your own concoctions, head on over to the official ampm facebook page and click on the secret menu tab.

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