mlk black history month fail

Thank Doctor King for giving every man and every woman a voice — if for no other reason than it’s comforting knowing how much more intelligent you are than other people. And yes, he died of a broken heart when everything he fought for was trumped by your new weave and dem 26″ rims.

Ahh, who’m’i kidding? 26″ rims don’t fit on Nissas Sentras.

Who you callin otha peoples!?

What do you think?

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  1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was truly a hero and a king of men in his time. Nothing he did will ever be in vain. He did what he had to do. It’s up to every human to follow in his dream. All men must come to love one an other and stop the hating.

    Today, even brothers are hating against each other. It’s sad.

    I wish we’d all remember ‘the dream’ and use it in our daily lives.

    Let’s love people. There’s is not enough of it in the world today.

  2. And they wonder why we are grossly falling behind third word nations. Our education system need a complete overhaul and not abandonment. The public school system worked for me and we shouldn’t let our kids down as our parents didnt let us down.

  3. @Silvertongue62:

    “world”; “needs”. (thought it was funny you misspelled on a critique about education)

    and I didn’t understand the last sentence as in comparison to your previous first two premises.

    Not to be a jerk or anything. Just be more careful about what you post online. You’re opinion matters, but so does proof reading.

  4. Nevermind @Silvertongue62’s fail, didn’t anyone notice the person who wrote this hardly checked their spelling? They really should learn the difference between “than” and “then”. Also, I’ve never heard of “Nissas Sentras”. Ignorance, you win again!


  5. @Mr. M:

    When correcting others’ typing errors, please make sure to check for any of your own first.

    “YOU’RE opinion matters…” should be “YOUR opinion matters…”

    Also, your whole post contained generally poor sentence structure, and I believe punctuation is supposed to be within quotes.

  6. @Mr. M:

    I don’t usually take the time to be snide about other people’s grammar and spelling but you should really be more careful about what you post online about grammar and spelling and punctuation when you clearly need to brush up on it yourself.

    Your comment started with a sentence fragment, which you ended with a period. You did not leave a space after the period, and started your next sentence fragment with a lower-case letter.

    Your third “sentence” (your first complete one) started with another lower-case letter, and frankly I don’t know what to make of your grammar in relation to the phrase “as in comparison to” as well as the strange redundancy “previous first”.

    “Not to be a jerk or anything” is your fourth sentence fragment. You start your second complete sentence at a bit of a disadvantage because “you’re” means “you are”. I assume you intended to convey the meaning contained in the possessive form “your”.

    “Proofread” is one word.

  7. I’m not one to cry racism, but this makes me cringe. Dr King fought to give a voice to people so we could hear them and see that we’re better than them? wtf? The Black History Month tag, weaves and wheels… seriously?

    She looks 12.

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