Alcohol leads to bigger problems

Photo courtesy USMC

Approximately 1 in 18 or 5.55% of all people living in the United States, and 99.9% of all college students have fallen victim to alcoholism. When people think of alcoholics, they imagine fat, unshaven, greasy, sweaty men (also known as Artie Lang) who are self destructive and dangerous to their own well being.

The fact of the matter is, alcoholism doesn’t just affect the alcoholic.

One day you will find yourself as drunk as John Daly at a golf tournament catered by Hooters, face down in a sandcastle on the beach, and covered in vomit and raccoon piss… but it doesn’t end there. You’ll get up jelly-legged and wearing cargo pants, and try to act like you’re more sober than you are, and that’s when it happens.

You reach down and grab a handful of raccoonvomitpiss-castle and you throw that fistful of shame and self loathing into your girlfriends face. Now I’m not saying this will happen every time you drink, but it will happen at least six times a week. Why else would they turn this scenario into a poster if no one would identify with it?

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