A Day Without Megan Fox

megan-fox-Megan-FoxOur good friends at have asked us to take part in A Day Without Megan Fox on August 4th, 2009 and we’re delighted to do so.

Sure she’s one of the sexiest young female actors, but in order to preserve both her sexiness and her freshness, we need to tone down the over foxposure.

She’s like the Will Ferrell of hot young actresses and she’s at the Old School point of her career. Preventing her overexposure is like Will Ferrell retroactively declining roles in Semi Pro and Blades of Glory. Had we done this earlier, we might have been able to save her from assuming Jennifer’s Body – sorry Megan.

The premise is simple. No Megan Fox news, pics, boobs, reviews, or hideous tattoos for a day.

Also participating: AskMen, Boobie Blog, Whip It Out Comedy, Double Viking, On205th, I Heart Chaos, Yep Yep, Just a Guy Thing, The Bachelor Guy, and Asylum UK, Australia, France and Germany. If you are a member of the media who would like to join the Day Without Megan Fox movement, or you have a suggestion for the next starlet to take over the Internet, email

For the complete details and original Day Without Megan Fox Video, head to

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