86-Year-Old Titan’s Owner Bud Adams Flips Bird At Bills

Titan's Owner Bud Adams flashing the middle finger
Titan's Owner Bud Adams flashing the middle finger

When two last place teams with losing records square off, you can’t expect the winning team to know proper post-game celebration etiquette, and Titan’s owner Bud Adams is no exception.

It’s like when a defensive lineman recovers a fumble, runs it back for what looks like is going to be a touchdown, high-steps, holds the ball out in front of him only to have it batted away on the 1 yard line.

Some people just aren’t used to winning and consequently don’t know how to properly celebrate.

Bud Adams we salute your 41-17 win, and I know how it is. I’m a Dodger fan. I understand.

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