7 Excellent Football Fail GIFS

While it probably would have been easier to just compile an exhaustive list of times Brett Favre cried in a press conference, we decided it would be more fun to diversify this list of 7 excellent football fail gifs… and then try to relate as many of them as we possibly could to the joke that has become Brett Favre.

Though sadly, the only way Brett Favre could be any worse is if he were Phillip Rivers’ bodysuit girdle flak-vest jacket-pack sack-attack pussy pads.

7. Later!

The immediate and lasting effects of drafting Matt Leinart.

6. The Handicapped Dickface

Handicapped people want to be treated like everyone else, right? And who doesn’t love that classic NCAA below-the-belt-to-the-mouth taste?

5. Also Known As The ‘Brett Favre’

Because he has no balls… although Jenn Sterger might disagree with that.

4. The Goal-Line Hand Stand

You can actually smell the draft rounds going by.

3. The Infamous Brett Favre Cockshot

Nevermind, maybe he does have balls.

2. WTF You Almost Hit Me

This pretty much sums up every 49ers season since Joe Montana or Steve Young — the only team worse at football is the Pittsburgh Pirates.

1. The Single Greatest Sports Moment

As if an uncoordinated quarterback rushing for a touchdown isn’t rare enough (our thoughts and prayers go out to you Jimmy Clausen), this guy manages to spike the ball into his nuts, get fouled up by a defender, and table-top the middle linebacker… all while the clock is stopped.

Still no Nike deal?


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