5 Strange Moments in TV Screenshots

We at Banned have used some of these before and I’m sure you’ve seen a few of them on the interweb, but that still doesn’t change the fact that these five moments in TV Screenshot history, like the breasts of Scarlett Johansson, need to be seen.

5. Wait, seriously?

What kind of fire-hoses are we talking about here exactly?

4. Proving The Obvious

Based on the evidence at hand, the paternity test will conclude what all of us, except for the confused Richard, already know – Mom banged the UPS guy.

The upside? At least now he won’t have to pretend that he’s interested in watching his son’sbasketball games.

3. Harry Wienerman’s Best Buddy

This one has been around the block but this list wouldn’t be much of a list without Mike Litoris.

2. The Lonely, Lonely Life Of Uncle Bob

You’ve got to ask youself where you went wrong with your life after putting your johnson inside a rainbow-colored cardboard unicorn.

The question I wish I could have answered for me is, where did this go down? It would almost be less weird if it went down at an 8 year old’s birthday, because one – at least you went for the pinata and not a kid, and two because I like to think this was a drunken, spur of the moment decision.

If this was premeditated pinata penetration… the guy goes down to the local pinata store and selects the perfect candy filled character to shake his dick at, pulls up his pants and peaces? This is what you call “a man that knows what he wants and gets it.”

1. Please, Yes, With Binoculars.

Under normal circumstances I would have to pass, but I mean come on, you put binoculars on the table and how can I resist?

Trust me, rape is not all that bad when it’s with binoculars.

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