5 Essential Summertime Drinking Apparatuses

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Summer is in full swing and it’s about time we went through our closets and reviewed or five favorite summertime drinking devices. Whether you’re trying to smuggle alcohol into a sporting or music venue, trying to mask the amount of wine you’re drinking, or show off how much beer you can drink in under 2 seconds, we’ve got the right drinking apparatus for you.

Below you’ll find our 5 favorite drinking apparatus for summertime debauchery.

5. The Chuggler

Not in college anymore but not ready to retire your coveted beerbong? Get yourself a Chuggler — it’s the logical step between beerbong and beer stein. And when subtlety is key, nothing flies under the radar like traffic cone orange.

Available for $12.95: Chuggler.com

4. The Beer Belly & Wine Rack

Easily my favorite drinking apparatus invention. If you’re like me and you need 80 ounces of beer to get through watching the Dodgers lose to the Phillies in the NLCS once again, the Beerbelly is for you.

Make sure to pick up a Wine Rack for your girl (aka the buddy you gave your spare ticket to).

Available for $29.95-49.95: TheBeerBelly.com

3. Poolside Pong

Beerpong under the sun, swimming pools, chicks in bikinis… If this sounds like something you’re into, quit calling me and pick up one of these from your local poolsidepong.com for $49.99.

Chicks sold separately.

2. Giant Full Bottle Wine Glass

Sick of Margaritas and Pabst? Nothing says sophisticated like a man drinking an entire bottle of wine out of an over-sized wine glass. Did you let it breathe? Sure. Was it fermented in oak casks? Maybe. Does it carry aromas of hazelnut and summer berries? Uh Huh. Is it red? I can’t see... Are you spilling that whole bottle of wine on my sofa right now? You bet.

Available for $12.99: Kotulas.com

1. The Bierstick

If you’re trying to transition out of your beerbong phase or if you simply cannot help barneying every beerbong you take, the Bierstick is for you.

With every stick you take, you’ll be pounding 24 ounces of your favorite Milwaukee’s Beast in under 2 seconds — about the same amount of time you’ll last with your girlfriend you pretend to have.

Available for $24.95: Bierstick.com

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