45 Great Roller Coaster Faces

It’s one thing to kiss your buddy or to pretend like you’re getting the first ever coaster-dome-job just as the camera flashes on Goliath, but playing a carefully calculated (yea, glued for all you negative unimaginative pricks out there) game of Jenga while taking a 300-foot nose dive is taking it to another level.

Here are 45 great roller coaster faces.

**Update** 2 More user photos added via Digg. Thanks @greenpushpins and @sjschoo.

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  • Mike Cockson

    How the phuck did everyone manage to play board games?

  • jarviss

    i like how all the game players have to have the “thinking” pose going on….grab chin, frown….lol

  • @Mike

    There’s this new thing that came about recently, you may have heard of it, it’s called “glue.”

  • Haha! I’m in one of those (this one, bottom-right). The chess board is made from Legos, and that was an actual game of chess (which I won).