4 AllZ yAll WigGaz oUt ThUrr

It just came to my attention that the Wigger Law Firm Inc. is in fact a legitimate law firm based out of, you guessed it, South Carolina.

The Wiggers have a combined 35 years of wiggin experience. Experience enough to “make every effort to respond promptly to client telephone calls,” which means they won’t actually answer when you call, nor will they respond after missing your call, but these wiggers will make every goddamn effort to respond to your god damn wigger calls.

See, the effort is all that matters, regardless of whether or not they complete the job you pay them to do. What more would you expect from a bunch of Wiggers?

If you’re serious about law, and you’re seriously a wigger, then head over to Wigger Law Firm Inc. You won’t be disappointed.

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