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If these pictures of goats being crazy do not make your mind explode, your mind has already exploded.

Enjoy the following 30 pics of goats being whack, and if you have any additions, make sure to leave links in the comments at the bottom of the page.

And no, I know what you’re thinking, please no Goatse.



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  1. this goats are really CRAZY!

  2. anonymous

    Fourth from last is a lamb, not a goat. Other than that…I’ve never seen a goat climb a tree. I wonder why they did it? Boredom? Hoping someone with a camera would come by and make them famous?

  3. anonymoose

    These are all shopped… I can see the pixels…

  4. They aren’t shopped, goats really do that. I’ve seen them in trees in Auruba or something of another and they really do climb mountains. Not everything interesting and cool looking is shopped. Goats really like living on the edge…literally. lol.

  5. climbergrl

    whoever said these were shopped totally missed the fourth grade animal reports. If you pay attention life truly is magnificent.

    “Truth is stranger then fiction” Mark Twain :)

  6. These are not shopped. I’ve seen mountain goats climbing around with my own eyes. Its crazy what they can do.

  7. I really enjoyed the! Please do not climb rocks :P

    Boy are they crazy though!

  8. YahooSerious

    dude, YOU’RE shopped.

  9. They aint shopped at all, pixelation don’t just happen when u photoshop something. Mountain goats are insanely good at climbing.

  10. Ya if you wanna see them in action just go to Colorado Wyoming or Montana they always clime the most insane cliffs

  11. For future reference: when someone says “shopped” they are being sarcastic. Every single reaction to such posts is feeding the trolls, don’t do that!

    Oh, and they climb the trees to eat the leaves, or whatever is left of them. Goats are silly people really. But I like em, even though you can smell em before you see em.

    What did amaze me is that one goat on top of that mountain pillar thing, how on earth would he get there.

  12. Hah, that really amazing animal :) how could it possible to get there :) Amazing !

  13. That picture of the little goat flying is obviously shopped.

    • Dude, it isn’t flying, it’s jumping, the photographer just happened to catch it in midair.

  14. Re: The pic of little goat flying. He is bouncing, and they are fun to watch.lmao

  15. Rincewind


  16. Why goats? WHY?!

  17. James Judas

    what the hell is wrong wit goats. they must have a huge pair of nads to do the stuff they do. they arent afraid of anything and the world is their playground. This however makes me appreciate them much much more. Goats are awesome

  18. photo expert

    These goats are Totally photoshopped, except for the fourth from last is a lamb, not a goat.
    Look at the color wavelength meshing the artrusian spectrum between the goats and the scenery.

  19. This is totally fake.

  20. Goat. You crazy!

  21. erkan ataman

    they are real pictures.they are jumping awesome!

  22. They aren’t goats, they are cats.

  23. Only 11 of the photos feature goats. “Mountain goats” (the larger white animals) are closer to the cow family than the goat family, they are not goats. The Richard Peters photograph is a lamb (a baby sheep), it won the UK BBC television program “Countryfile”‘s photo of the year competition. There is also another photo of a lamb standing on it’s mother.

    So all in all 11 great photos of goats

  24. None of them are fakes by the way. Goats and mountain goats are amongst the world’s greatest climbers, their sense of balance and flexibility is unrivalled, in for example the Ethiopian mountains/highlands where most of the photos are taken, or in Morocco where the goats climb up the Argan trees for shelter and shade, and to eat the Argan fruit (which afterwards their droppings are used to make the globally famous Argan oil).

    Will everyone please go to school?

  25. That’s crazy! I have trouble walking along the sidewalk without getting bumped into traffic. I still don’t understand why they need to climb trees though…practice?

  26. Clearly they designer was very rigorous in the design process. These goats meet the Routh-Hurwitz stability criterion.

  27. Captain Haddock

    Cuthbert Calculus ought to stop acting the goat

  28. Mountain goats are greaat! :)

  29. Few Pics are real few are Photo Shoped like pic-3 & 26. But all together its fun.

  30. i,m crazier!

  31. Hahah these animals are truly amazing

  32. goatwonder

    Goats do what goats do! Where do you think rock climbers get their ideas? I’m 2% brighter than a goat- oops maybe not. What am I doing here?

  33. Kole Oshin

    I’m doing a study on goats at the moment and indeed excited at the pics seen here. I hv learnt that goats do quite impossible and crazy things. A matured goat standing on its hing legs can eat any food placed 10 ft above it. Does that make any meaning to u? Just like a matured snail which can lift a 10kg load. Parrot can speak all the languages in the world and recognises everything including their names. Its a crazy world, I now know that human beings are less intelligent that some animals but I cannot understand why and how God shared these values.

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