28 Drinks Later

From Nicholaus Goossen, director of Grandma’s Boy, comes the 28 Days Later spoof 28 Drinks Later. The short was created for Nick Swardson’s Comedy Central DVD Seriously, Who Farted? and stars Nick Swardson and Simon Rex.

The premise is simple. Despite a thriving US economy, the Nation has fallen to David Hasselhoff’s fate and succumbed to the iron grip of the Appletini and my personal favorite, the Flaming Joe (or Flaming Moe for Simpsons fans), and everyone… is… drunk…

“Nobody says that many “bros” if they’re not drunk.”

  • there people need a new hobby

  • there people need a new hobby

  • Tonks

    Wow, I definitely thought that Andy Milonakis was a woman until the very end of the short… He looks like a woman with that long hair and the glasses choice!