• Andrew

    Image #13, the Camel bike at Burning Man, is ridden and owned by a fellow named Jon who rides with the Banana Bike Brigade (http://www.bananabikebrigade.org/), a biking parade troupe from St. Louis, Missouri.

  • The word “practical” apparently wasn’t in any of their dictionaries.

    Except for the bike cozy, that rocks.

  • Rex

    Cool bikes. Now only if I could get Chrome to stop auto playing commercials

  • unfortunately the rider is epic fail… I wouldn’t wear a mask riding that thing.. I would want people to see me riding such an epic bike.

  • Sim

    Wow! These are all great. I liked the one carrying beer bottles the best.

  • hgh

    its fun to watch these images the collection and the collector both are the great thanks buddy
    keep posting like that thanks again and again

  • Wacky.