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23 Completely Useless Signs

Useless Signs

When it comes to signs, these 23 examples are just about as useless as your boss trying to tell you how to do your job.

Commence a uselessness.

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  1. This is called the age of Lawyers and the demise of common sense as we now know it. Can’t imagine how people can even breed. I guess they learn that on u-tube! The dumbing down of America. We will be like the mid eastern countries before it is all over.

  2. I think the Fish & Chips one was good and probably not ‘useless’ or ‘stupid’. Most people read signs once and don’t really take notice of it. i’m sure that the business earned some money of that particular sign as some people probably thought it was a bargain until it was too late to realize.

    And to be honest, with how the common mass thinks nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised it happened often…

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