11 More Signs You Drank Too Much


Every once in a while we’ll compile a list of images that indicate excessive alcohol consumption (check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here). And while there’s nothing wrong with drinking until you piss your pants, you must understand that the consequences can mean a picture of you butt naked in the driveway ends up all over the internet.

Next time try to conceal your face so you don’t lose your job (especially you concealed face fail girl).

11. You opened the door with your face

61 A Tad Drunk

10. You woke up naked on the driveway


9. You wet your pants. you’re 42 years-old


8. You slept in a noble fir christmas tree?


7. You slept on the stove and in the sink


6. You try to conceal your identity while looking at the camera

75 Identity Concealment Fail

5. No guys even bothered…


4. Your buddy was ‘pretending’ to be a chick


3. You pretend you are that penguin stuffed animal


2. Any place and any time is nap time


1. Garglerglerrarghgeblahrough


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