10 Movies Guys Should Admit Made Them Cry

Packers Favre FootballOur buddies over at Manolith compiled a list of 10 films that guys should admit made them cry.

I have a few friends who say the list is pretty accurate but I cannot vouch for it myself because I have never cried in my entire life. I am a real man. And if you know anything about real men it’s that they do not cry. But I don’t expect you to know that because you are not a real man like me.

If my eyes ever appear glossy (which is very rare) it’s because I am a real athletic man, and real athletic men, which I am, tend to sweat more than men with vaginas. Consequently, when my core body temperature reaches a certain level (a level much higher than most, usually around 120º Celsius) my eyeballs tend to perspire profusely.

My eyes may sweat, but I do not cry.

Head over to Manolith to check out the list.

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