10 More signs you need to go on a diet


For those of you who are new to Banned In Hollywood, we’ve been posting articles — top 10 lists rather — like this for quite some time. If you’re able to laugh at least one of these photos you’ll probably like the rest of the site. If you become annoyed, irritated, or down-right pissed off because this list’s humor is founded on, at the very best, basic fat guy humor, we advise you to leave now (though you’re probably only pissed because you look like one of the people in the following photos).

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10. You are the Blueberry from Willy Wonka


9. You just busted my wall down… you bastard


8. It looks like you’re wearing an inflatable sumo Halloween costume but you’re not


7. You turned a shirt into a sports-bra


6. You don’t pop your collar, your collar pops you…

…(what does that even mean?)


5. Wat?


4. Your right foot looks like a big inflated pink condom


3. You can’t say ‘diet’, but you need to go on one


2. You make Princess Leia look li… Wait a sec…


1.5. Oh, there we go…


1. For the first time ever, the ‘Official XXL’ on your shirt is smaller than your shirt’s actual size


Next time don’t tailgate the chief of police

Possibly the greatest line in a movie ever