10 More signs you need to go on a diet


For those of you who are new to Banned In Hollywood, we’ve been posting articles — top 10 lists rather — like this for quite some time. If you’re able to laugh at least one of these photos you’ll probably like the rest of the site. If you become annoyed, irritated, or down-right pissed off because this list’s humor is founded on, at the very best, basic fat guy humor, we advise you to leave now (though you’re probably only pissed because you look like one of the people in the following photos).

For the first installment of the diet series, please head here.

For the second installment, head here (we advise checking both).

10. You are the Blueberry from Willy Wonka


9. You just busted my wall down… you bastard


8. It looks like you’re wearing an inflatable sumo Halloween costume but you’re not


7. You turned a shirt into a sports-bra


6. You don’t pop your collar, your collar pops you…

…(what does that even mean?)


5. Wat?


4. Your right foot looks like a big inflated pink condom


3. You can’t say ‘diet’, but you need to go on one


2. You make Princess Leia look li… Wait a sec…


1.5. Oh, there we go…


1. For the first time ever, the ‘Official XXL’ on your shirt is smaller than your shirt’s actual size


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  1. No PhD rice-burners in this crowd! Easy rollers! Americans with more money than brains, pigging out every chance they get, wasting good food resources, while the competition, the Asians excel. China, alone, has more post graduates with IQ's of 130+ than the U.S.A. has high school students, drop-outs included! In recent months, vicious vulture capitalism has reduced the U.S. fortune to a pittance, and indebted them to China and the OPEC boys, you know, the oil baron blackmailers, along with the Saudi royalty. GM and Chrysler, choking, and going under, are a sign of the times, and soon, the obese American will be a thing of the past. The end of the cheap oil age will necessitate the use of corn for methanol to keep remaining industry alive, and starve out corn-fed beef and pork, corn fructose addicts and the like, and the grossly obese American will fade from existence! The great republican depression is upon us, and despite U.S. government P.R. to the contrary, more is to come, more bail-outs needed, just to maintian the unsustainable Status Quo, until the next election, when a reactionary fissioning of U.S. interests will occur,ending in corporate and political cannibalism and eventually the post materialistic merotocracy, another story to be sure, but the end of convenience obesity by the masses!

    • yeah, but we own everything! and i will have to agree that Asians have no fat people (you dumb ass, even in #8 it was even printed SUMO WRESTLER! which is not an American game if you dont know). well, uncle B go away, this was funny til you had to spout out of your pie hole. so, please take your conspiracy theories and go home and watch some Bay Watch and fantasize that it could have been you up there!

    • ignorant comments, first of all do you actually think china has more post graduates per capita than America. They have 3-4 times the amount of people than we do. To do a fair comparison divide there for told greatness by 3-4 times then they don't even closely compare with America!

      You sound like an average American, who is overly educated through biased sectors. Go to college and get real major because I have a feeling that if you did go to college you majored in something stupid such as sociology or english lit.

      Go take some Econ classes that are not politically corrupted!

    • First of all, corn is used for ETHANOL, and NOBODY is arguing that it will be a suitable liquid fuel in the future (at least not anymore). Battery powered/electric vehicles are the way of the future. We Americans can still pig out on high fructose corn syrup for years to come, bitch.

    • you're right: Americans are stupid.
      "Speaker: Who is Tony Blair?
      American: An actor? Or maybe a pop singer?"
      and they just think that they own everything. they love junk food and wars, they're just silly. I'm glad, that G.W.Bush is not a president anymore – he was as low-IQ'ed as his fellows Americans.

  2. @ Martin

    Maybe for the same reason skinny people wear baggy clothes…. comfort?
    Or maybe they know that it makes you sick and it's their secret revenge…

  3. Here we go again. Every post on the internet is another excuse for anti-american nationalism.
    That really shows how smart you are.
    Come on people. Nationalism has done nothing but bring down countries and start wars.
    Gow up morons.

  4. China's population is like 3:1 and being communist they probably just pulled those numbers out of their asses. Though, I am no way saying there aren't dumbshits in America but every country has their morons. And yes the government is ridiculous and needs a complete overhaul.

  5. Uncle B, we agree on an awful lot. China and India have the US FAR overpowered intellectually, but how many of their brain trust is dependent on US education? The 'fortress america' scenario could spell a very fast end to China, which is as dependent on the US as vice versa. Wal-Mart alone is responsible for 24% of China's GNP, and when we can no longer get cheap Chinese crap, China can no longer get endless overinflated US dollars.
    Speaking of overinflated….curves are nice on a woman, Tits and ass are a wonderful thing. Rolls and flaps….not so much. It appalls me that monstrously obese women think that they're somehow sexy, and the black guys who keep fucking them aren't helping them to dress any more decently.The sheer mechanics of copulating with a woman that size baffle me.I guess they keep flipping folds until they smell shit, then go back one.

  6. I work at a Hospital and I see morbidly obese people weighing over 300 or 400 or 500 pounds all the time walking in with their walker with their 100 ounce bottles of pop. I'm sorry to sound like a dick but there is a certain point when it goes from being a gland problem to a "Hey you need to put the fucking ding dongs down and do some sit-ups problem"

  7. Yup. Agreed. This is not what I want to see happen…but it's inevitable. The end looks near for the USA. A great depression is around the corner.

  8. China also has four times more people than the United States. You can't compare two countries with grossly different populations unless you're comparing percentages. Chinese universities also churn out students with zero creativity, and are going to do things one way, even if there is an easier way. Chinese students are extremely methodical, whereas students coming out of American and European universities can think outside of the box. They're two different breeds of students.

  9. Anyone that says this is mean, or not right is an idiot. This is RIGHT! Fat people need to know that they are fuckin FAT. I don't care what condition you have. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you don't slowly kill yourself. Just like you wouldn't feel sorry for a person with lung cancer who continues to smoke, you shouldn't feel sorry for fat people. You're fuckin FAT, lose some weight. Get off your fat ass and exercise, and eat less. I'm sick of people defending fat people. It is not a stereotype that all fat people are lazy, it's the damn truth.

    PS, this is hilarious.

  10. I hope some of you realize that these people are grossly obese and more likely than not have some underlying medical condition causing them to be as large as they are. It could be depression, thyroid problems, tumors, who knows. They are people, though, and it's disgusting that you're just posting pictures of them without regards to their feelings. Let's just contribute to them feeling like shit so their weight problems perpetuate themselves. Way to go.

  11. Jeremy has a point. The Asians, especially the Chinese, are robotic. It's hard to even consider them truly intelligent with zero personality or creativity, but I'm still very happy that there are few of them in my school to blow the curve.
    Of course, the level of conformity in the US is getting to be just about as bad, I saw almost an entire 3rd grade class full of mini-wiggers this morning. I'm just glad that I knew well enough to reject ghetto bullshit. When will that particular trend just fucking die?

  12. For all you discussing China, don't forget that they used to like their women fat. Fat meant wealth and privilege. Skinny meant you didn't have enough to feed yourself.

    Hell, that used to apply for a lot of places. I recall a Victorian ad for some kind of supplement that guaranteed to make a buyer's children "fat as pigs".

    Now morbidly obese… I dunno. These people look like someone took a massive ball of play doe and then melted it into a mess of lumps and misshapen limbs.

  13. Wow. Pick a bunch of people who obviously have real struggles in life and make fun of them. Awesome. You guys are amazing.

    You realize you'll all end up being old, failing and vulnerable one day, right? Let's see how cocky and mean you think people should be about you when your time comes.

  14. And FYI to those who think they need to "tell" fat people they are fat – Do you really think people don't know and feel terrible about it? Do you think they know how to lose it? They just like being in wheelchairs and being ostracized by the general public? You think it's pretty great for them? That they're just high fiving because they haven't had the good fortune to encounter you tools to clue them into the fact that they're overweight?

    Don't be an idiot. Use some compassion and general common sense. So many overweight people never learned how to eat in the first place and then they are hundreds of pounds overweight and don't know how to go back. Do you know what losing hundreds of pounds is? It's no joke. Show some compassion and manners people.

  15. This is not a funny matter. North America is experiencing an obesity crisis with a resulting diabetes epidemic
    not to mention many other chronic illnesses. We need to educate and inform people about proper nutrition and try to prevent a continued increase in this direction. Even with medical problems causing the weight problem, the weight gain should never get this out of hand. Friends and family need to learn also not to enable someone who has eating problems.

  16. Im pretty sure the fattest guy in the world is from mexico… There are fatties everywhere you go. There have been fat ppl throughout all times. Its not going to change. Besides, it will put a lot of ppl out of business if the world stops being fat. P.s.- The obese live longer than the anorexics. Strange, but true.

  17. Yea, just keep on with your anti-American BS. You’ll come crying to us next time some fascist, nazi, communist (insert your own screwed up political ideology here…) nut-case wants to invade your country, rape your women, and take all of your s*%t. You’d probably be better off anyway, since you all don’t have enough testicular fortitude to defend yourselves; you don’t even deserve freedom, since you won’t fight for it. Good riddance to your bad, inbred genetics… And no, I am not fat or stupid.

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  20. That was the stupidest, moronic “blog post” ive ever seen in my life. Im pretty sure one of the signs was just “wat”. This website is garbage, is it some kind of spam hotspot or something?

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