10 Excellent Moments In Not So Subtle

Subtlety in life is something you’re born with — you either have it or you don’t. You can’t learn how not to be the guy creeping through someone’s window while they’re taking a shower or that it’s a bad idea to get a license plate that reads BJ MOM — if either of these thoughts so much as enter your head, you are not so subtle, and consequently have done good in making this list.

Here are 10 excellent moments in not so subtle…

10. Saw that one coming…

9. Can’t blame ya

8. Same place Heidi Montag got her tits done

7. Speaking of Heidi Montag… Smile!

6. Listen to meeeee

5. Just takin’ a bath

4. See something you like?

3. Accuracy: 1 Cleverness: 0

2. Of course she’s got her top off

1. And about $600,000 over a lifetime…

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